Ehsan Industrial Group

Ehsan Industrial Group

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Paraffin  - Granulated Wax

Model : Granulated Wax

Packaging : 20kg net in black polythene bag packed in white polypropylene bag.

 Paraffin  - Wax Semi-Refined

Model : Wax Semi-Refined

Packaging : Plastic Packet

 paraffin  - Liquid

Model : Liquid

Packaging : Glass & Metal

Standard : BP/USP

  sodium petroleum sulfonates  - Natural
sodium petroleum sulfonates

Model : Natural

Packaging : In metal barrels with net weight of 190 kg

Candle Jelly  -
Candle Jelly

Packaging : 19kg net per Pail

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CEO :majid janghorban
Email :
Tell phone: +989132686552
Fax :+0983136674974

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